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Thomas Towing has been a trusted name publically from Santa Barbara to Ventura and as far as Lompoc. Our comprehensive services include heavy and light towing, vehicle and heavy equipment transport, as well as machine and vehicle recovery.
With our fully equipped fleet and professionally trained crew members, we care for transport and towing of equipment and vehicles of all sizes, in any location, and we tackle jobs of any scope. Whether you are a government agency, contractor, commercial business, or a homeowner, Thomas Towing has the experience, staff, equipment, and expertise to take care of all your towing needs at a fair price.



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Safety Meetings

We hold weekly company-wide safety meetings covering new techniques, while refreshing the established methods, and sharing our situational experiences.

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Safety Assessment

Before work begins, we perform jobsite, and weather safety assessments. It is essential that all precautions are assessed prior to commencing service.

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Hazard Notifications

We alert our clients of any hazards involved with our procedures, and equipment use, prior to commencing services to avoid potential injuries.

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Equipment Assessments

We make sure all tools, gear, and equipment are functioning properly before work commences, further insuring crew and jobsite safety.

What our customers say

"Thomas Towing has supported our local High School for over 5 years now transporting out electric vehicles down to State Street. Without Thomas Towing we wouldn't have the charge for our event." Mrs. Caines
"We lost my Son's car over an embankment on highway 101. Thanks to Thomas Towing the car was recovered and repaired. We are deeply appreciative." Tim Foley
"I needed my antique Large tractor transported to my home in Goleta. Thomas Towing was the first towing company I thought of and to my delite after 15 years they were still in business." Barclay Widerski
One thing I can say is that the towing services of Thomas Towing are dependable. Matt and his team are courteous and have helped my family out of a tough situation Elsie Spear

Frequently Asked Questions

Thomas Towing no longer accepts triple AAA as they have changed their payment policies in a way that is not cost effective. Perhaps in the future we will work with them again.

Our towing experts gladly provide lockout services to all our customers. No matter what make or model of your car, our towing professionals will be able to open up your automotive.

Yes Thomas Towing accepts all Major Credit Cards. We do not accept Cash or personal checks.

We will need a phone number, credit card type, location of your vehicle, year, make, model, color, license plate, and the address and business of where your car is being towed.

No. You do not have to be with the vehicle or machine as long as we had already established legal proof of ownership.

We cannot bill insurance companies at this time because they all have waiting times for payment.




Professional Towing

Each Tow we make is a step toward providing Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Ventura the best towing services money can buy. We guarantee you will be satisfied.



Vehicle Recovery

Our Experienced towing/recovery technicians are the best in Santa Barbara ad Ventura. We have been in the business for over 20 years and take pride in our equipment and training.



Customized Transport

Thomas Towing can transport both small and heavy equipment. We have the training and experience to get the job done no matter the distance or difficulty. Call today for a quote.

Example Services


Equipment Transport

Thomas Towing can determine what type of safety is necessary to relocate your large or heavy equipment, tractor, or vehicle…

October 1, 2014


Although at Thomas Towing we feel bad about the loss of life that can occur during high speed accidents, we…

October 3, 2014

Custom Towing

We serve homeowners, landscaping companies, and law enforcement agencies, in our area. Whether your vehicle is large or small, we…